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Here is a free preview of lesson three, of the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program. Altogether, the Food As Medicine Online Learning Program consists of thirteen video/audio classes, providing a detailed review of nutrition, from a scientific and holistic perspective. In addition, the program offers a weekly Q&A that is recorded, instructional videos, student forum and assessment materials. To learn more about the program please click on this link for more information.

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What is Triphala?

Triphala is among the most common formulas used in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine (TAM). Comprised of the fruits of three trees, Indian gooseberry (Amalaki, Phyllanthus emblica), Belleric myrobalan (Bibhitaki, Terminalia belerica) and Chebulic myrobalan (Haritaki, Terminalia chebula), Triphala is mentioned throughout the ancient literature of Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic alterative and gentle aperient, highly prized for its ability to regulate the processes of digestion and elimination. Used by itself or in formulation, Triphala plays an essential role in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions.