Healthy travel tips

Ok, video blog – maybe a new thing? I guess it depends on feedback! Someone asks “I’m wondering if you’ve ever addressed the topic of traveling and Ayurveda? An approach to take in terms of preparing for travel prior to leaving ones home country, during travel and returning home.”

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  1. Thank you! I really appreciate your wisdom of plants and the natural world. I would like to know how long is it safe to take the parasitic formula? And what signs indicate the parasites are gone? Is it common to repeat the the herbs?

    1. I have had patients take it for several weeks as a prophylactic agent, along with consuming live culture foods, and/or probiotic supplements. As a treatment, it can be used for a few a days, to several weeks, until resolution is achieved. To treat parasites, you have to know a little bit more about the different pathogens, as each type (e.g. worms vs amoebas) requires different approaches. But basically, resolution is the return of normal digestion, with well-formed normal BMs (1-2x day), and no parasites or eggs in the stool. This can be confirmed with a stool test, but as these tests are not very accurate for all pathogens (false negatives), and thus the gold standard is the resolution of the issue itself.

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