Anxiety and Depression in Ayurveda

For those of you that missed it, here’s a recording of my recent free lecture on anxiety and depression, from April 1 2021. First given at the AHG Symposium in 2018, this lecture provides a practical review of yuktivyapāśraya cikitsā (i.e. rational therapy), sattvāvajayacikitsā (i.e. behavioural therapy), and daivavyapāśraya cikitsā (spiritual therapy). This lecture will also incorporate the use of entheogenic and psychedelic therapies, which I have been using in my practice for a decade.

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  1. Hi Todd, I was wondering if you could use the one-day sunlight maceration that you use for CBD for any other tinture?.

    How did you use lime or lemon in your anxiety extract? can I use it instead of alcohol for tintures?

    1. This method of preparation is used to extract cannabis resin, using 95% ethyl alcohol and the heat of the sun. Generally, most herbs do not require heat/sun to extract, and often a lower percentage alcohol. I just use this method for cannabis.