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Why choose the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine?

Todd Caldecott, Director of the DSBM

Todd Caldecott is one of the leading experts of Āyurveda in the Western world providing online education programs in herbal medicine, nutrition and Ayurveda. By choosing to study at the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, you get to interact with Todd and learn from his passion for uncovering the truth. As someone who straddles cultures between East and West, Todd knows how to bridge the gap to raise your level of understanding.

Countless times I have had students come to me after class and say that I finally made sense of things they had been struggling with for years.”
Todd Caldecott

The benefits of studying with Todd Caldecott

Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine | Ayurveda & Herbal Education Online

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Online Programs

THE INFORMATION AGE has brought a lot of great things, but despite what appears to be an almost endless stream of data, people are more confused then ever. A recent study suggested that modern humans may actually be declining in intelligence, becoming ever more reliant on technology and statistical analyses to think and make decisions. Nowhere is this a more pressing issue than in medicine, where in many cases research and technology has reduced clinical practice to nothing more than a numbers game, using drugs to manipulate the results of medical testing, while ignoring how the patient actually feels.

But there is hope – and a way to merge the art and science of medicine. My online training programs in herbal medicine, nutrition and Ayurveda are designed to do just that. Get started now with my online education programs:

Food & Medicine

Food as Medicine

$595/2 yrs
A holistic approach to the subject nourishment that integrates clinical nutrition and traditional medicine into a practical, unified whole for a comprehensive perspective.

Monthly payment plan available.

Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine | Ayurveda & Herbal Education Online

Inside Ayurveda

$695/2 yrs
A comprehensive and detailed program on the classical teachings of Ayurveda, providing practical insights for daily living, preventative medicine, and the treatment of disease.

Monthly payment plan available.



$795/2 yrs
Based on 25+ years of clinical experience, this program provides a solid foundation for anyone wishing to establish or enhance their clinical practice.

Monthly payment plan available.

Develop your skills

Our mentorship program is a multi-year, ongoing training program for students that wish to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills as herbalists. This program utilizes a self-paced, modular approach including distance learning tools, group intensives, over-seas training, and clinical practicum.

Kind words from students & colleagues

“Over the last 36 years I have taken many courses in various forms of medicine and health related topics. Inside Ayurveda is definitely one of the best, if not the most informative and useful courses, on a practical level. The Q&A sessions are priceless.”
Dr. Trevor Salloum, Naturopathic Physician
From Kelowna, Canada
Todd’s practical advice on food – what, when and how to eat – has inspired many of our students to make simple changes to their diet and lifestyle, with immediate and profound effects on energy level, concentration, and relief from confusion. Put simply, Todd is the best Ayurvedic teacher I’ve ever met.
Daniel Clement, Director, Open Source Yoga
From Van Anda, Canada
“I have always been greatly impressed with his breadth of knowledge. Todd has helped me both personally and in professional consultation with my patients.”
Dr. Russell Kennedy
From Victoria, Canada
“I have taken many online courses and have completed an on-campus 500 hr Ayurvedic Health Educator program, and your program and teaching method tops all of them. I have much gratitude for all that you do to share your knowledge and for making your courses affordable. I am already looking forward to taking the Food as Medicine course once I finish the Inside Ayurveda course!”
Daniela Guthrie
From Vancouver, Canada


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