Welcome to Inside Āyurveda: Clinical Education for the Western Practitioner!

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the teachings of Āyurveda, the oldest continuously practiced system of medicine on earth. Developed by Todd Caldecott over the last 30 years of study, research and practice, this course reviews the philosophy, theory and practice of Āyurveda in a comprehensive and detailed fashion, providing practical insights for daily living, preventative medicine, and the treatment of disease.

On this course page you will find a directory of each lesson, and on the tab next to it, a link to the Q&A webinars.

Each lesson contains a video class that must be viewed before you can challenge the quiz. To access the lesson, click on the circle next to the lesson name. This will take you to the lesson page, which contains the video for that class. If you click on the “materials” tab next to “Lesson”, you will find a PDF of the lesson, and an audio recording. Once you have reviewed the class and are ready, please challenge the quiz. All the quizzes are open book, and each lesson must be completed in a sequential fashion.

Please begin whenever you are ready, and should you encounter any difficulty, please send an email to study@dogwoodbotanical.com.

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