Here is a collection of personal and anonymous testimonials we have received over the last couple years:

Personal testimonials


“Over the last 36 years I have taken many courses in various forms of medicine and health related topics. Inside Ayurveda is definitely one of the best, if not the most informative and useful courses, on a practical level. The Q&A sessions are priceless.”
– Dr. Trevor Salloum, Naturopathic Physician

Todd’s practical advice on food – what, when and how to eat – has inspired many of our students to make simple changes to their diet and lifestyle, with immediate and profound effects on energy level, concentration, and relief from confusion. Put simply, Todd is the best Ayurvedic teacher I’ve ever met.
– Daniel Clement, Director, Open Source Yoga.

Todd is an inspiring teacher, educator and writer and a kind, engaging human being. I highly recommend his courses and books, having enjoyed both!
– Virginia Lee Adi, Herbalist

“I have taken many online courses and have completed an on-campus 500 hr Ayurvedic Health Educator program, and your program and teaching method tops all of them. I have much gratitude for all that you do to share your knowledge and for making your courses affordable. I am already looking forward to taking the Food as Medicine course once I finish the Inside Ayurveda course!”
– Daniela Guthrie

Thank you Todd – you provided deep insight and ignited my curiosity. My earlier revelation from my day about Ayurveda was…”Ayurveda is designed to maximize your potential in all aspects of life; to enhance your ability to do what you are here to do; to connect you with your highest expression of your unique gifts. Ayurveda is the Ultimate User’s Manual for Resilience.” I feel that you confirmed what I was sensing. What a gift Todd! THANK YOU!! Best session of the Summit! Awesome!
– Peter (attendee, 2015 Ayurveda Summit)

This session, for me, was the best. Todd is an excellent speaker and gets his message across clearly and simply to the new Ayurvedic pupil. I know very little about Ayurveda and am listening to the different speakers at this summit, trying to learn as much as I can. Todd did not use old text words in excess, so I could follow along easily. I finished the session feeling that I learned something, and that Ayurveda is a natural wisdom, that I can do here at home. I don’t have to learn another language or go to India to practice Ayurveda. Thank you for this presenter and I wished he had spoken the first day.
– Carmel (attendee, 2015 Ayurveda Summit)

Loved loved, loved this interview, Todd you really wet my appetite, to hear more of you. You really give us some “food for thought”, After I listened to you, I had to just sit and allow this simple, but profound message sink in. I also ordered your book “Food As Medicine” I will be spending lots of time on your website, thanks Eric and Todd, JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!
– Carla (attendee, 2015 Ayurveda Summit)

Dr. Todd is a genuine Ayurvedic teacher and experienced practitioner, and I personally appreciate his dedication and interest in the field of Āyurveda.
– Vaidya Madhu Bajra Bajracharya, Hereditary Physician, Kathmandu, Nepal

“I have always been greatly impressed with his breadth of knowledge. Todd has helped me both personally and in professional consultation with my patients.”
– Dr. Russell Kennedy, Medical Doctor and Yoga Teacher

Anonymous testimonials

Periodically we like to conduct an anonymous survey among our students, in order to receive unbiased feedback:

“I am really enjoying the wealth of information offered. It feels like a true gift to receive this knowledge and to study with you.”

“I just love the material. I want to remember the whole text book by heart!”

“It is an awesome experience. In my opinion the course has a heart balance between the traditional and modern application of Ayurveda.”

“Excellent quality course, very good value considering the depth of knowledge offered.”

“An amazing introduction to Ayurveda from a brilliant instructor. One who is truly dedicated to teaching and helping people. One of the few I have found who is less focused on making money, but a keen desire in sharing his knowledge, time and wisdom.”

“Would be interested in being offered a lifetime support by Todd Caldecott as I find him extremely knowledgeable, wise, kind, sensitive, having pure wisdom and genuine interest in preserving the authenticity of the Ayurvedic wisdom. At the same time, he is able to impart the knowledge accurately using the proper terminology repetitively followed by a detailed lay person language till the concept is clear. I love your approach and really would request you to offer lifetime membership to keep in touch.”

“I know that personally, this course had a profound influence on my life. And I witnessed a lot of dietary and health changes in the other students in the following weeks. I even ran in to some people that had attended the course that were not part of the 500-hour group, and they said it was one of the most amazing workshops they had been to. Food and nutrition has become a complicated subject only because of the kind of culture we live in and the modern food practices. Todd was a voice of reason in an otherwise confusing world of misinformation.”

“I am really enjoying the wealth of information offered. It feels like a true gift to receive this knowledge and to study with you. The lessons are very clear. I appreciate the heavy use of Sanskrit, and at the same time it poses a quite a challenge. I feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the information and am hoping it will begin to feel more integrated as the program continues. I just love the material. I want to remember the whole text book by heart!”

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