Instructor: Todd Caldecott
*Prerequisites: Food As Medicine and Inside Ayurveda
Description: Phytomedica is an integrated approach to the use of nutrition, herbal medicine and preventative medicine in clinical practice, drawing upon Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Physiomedicalism and clinical nutrition. This program is divided into fourteen modules, each detailing a specific area of clinical work including gastroenterology, immunology, anti-aging, cancer and musculoskeletal disorders. Each Phytomedica module provides a detailed anatomical and physiological review, traditional energetic perspectives of that system, and a review of clinical approaches for specific health issues from both a medical and holistic perspective.

In total, Phytomedica is equivalent to over 120 hours of classroom training, consisting of over 600 pages of valuable clinical content, fourteen worksheets, and two exams:

  1. The Fire Within: Digestive system
  2. The Inner Alchemist: Hepatobiliary system
  3. The Breath Of Life: Respiratory system
  4. Mobility And Movement: Musculoskeletal system
  5. Skin Deep: Integumentary system
  6. The Water Of Life: Renal system
  7. Dwelling In The Heart: Cardiovascular system
  8. The Human Flower: Reproductive system
  9. The Brain And Botanicals: Nervous System
  10. Defense of Self: Nonspecific Resistance and Immunity
  11. A Life In Balance: Metabolism
  12. Rebirthing Herbal Traditions: Obstetrics and Pediatrics
  13. Restoring Vitality: Geriatrics and Anti-aging
  14. Meeting Life: Cancer, Immunodeficiency and Palliative Care

Registration for this course includes free access to LIVE and streaming webinars offered by the DSBM, as well as access to an online community of other students, moderated by Todd Caldecott. This program will be available for the fall semester of 2016.

*Please note that both the Food As Medicine and Inside Ayurveda programs are prerequisites for the Phytomedica program.