Magic Mushrooms in Clinical Practice

The therapeutic use of so-called “magic mushrooms” – medicinal fungi that contain a variety of psychoactive tryptamine alkaloids including psilocybin – has become increasingly popular with the general public, and is undergoing something of a renaissance in the research community. Medical herbalist and Ayurveda practitioner Todd Caldecott has been working with magic mushrooms in his clinical practice for more than 20 years, and has developed a comprehensive approach to their use, including both macrodose (psychedelic) and microdose (sub-psychedelic) applications.

This comprehensive, four hour lecture provides an in-depth review of magic mushrooms, including their ethnomycology, mycochemistry, mycopharmacology, indications and contraindications, preparations, and dosage – including protocols for both macro- and microdosing. Included in this program is an assessment module that allows students to earn a certificate of completion for the fulfillment of continuing education credits.

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