Memories from Ayurveda in Nepal

Memories from Ayurveda in Nepal

I’ve been back at home now for a little over a week, and after several days of jet lag, getting the garden ready for spring, and seeing a few patients, I feel like I am finally back! It’s taking a little bit to get used to the rainy, wet weather of Vancouver, but somehow it also feels very familiar. It has certainly been nice to reconnect with my family and my dogs – and even the cat seemed mildly interested in reconnecting with me!

I’ve been going through some of the photos I accumulated during the 2017 Ayurveda in Nepal program, and thought that many of you might be interested to see them. I have separated them into three categories: herbs, places, and people. To see the photos, please click on these links:

And please be patient if the page takes awhile to load – there’s a lot of data!

Overall, the program in Nepal was a great success, and I look forward to our next journey. I also have a ton of video footage, and over time I will be releasing these as videos, mostly for students and members of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine. These include videos on how to make many traditional remedies in Ayurveda, including Chyavanprash, Narayana taila, Kaishora guggulu, and Nimbadi vati, as well the purification of gandhaka (sulfur) and guggulu resin, and the preparation of Godanti bhasma. Please stay in touch and check back often for more!

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