FREE LECTURE: Ayurveda In Nepal

The Bajracharya Medical Tradition of Nepal
March 8, 6pm PST

While Ayurveda is typically thought of as being a Hindu practice, during much of its development it was influenced by Buddhism, and many notable teachers of Ayurveda including Vagbhata and Nagarjuna had a Buddhist orientation. One major center of Buddhist Ayurveda was in Eastern India near modern-day Kolkata, at Nalanda university, which attracted scholars from all over the world. Unfortunately, Nalanda was destroyed by invading forces in the 12th century, but its teachings and practices have been maintained over the last 800 years by a little-known tradition of hereditary physicians in modern-day Nepal. Join Todd Caldecott for a lecture that explores Ayurveda, Buddhism, and the Bajracharya medical tradition of Nepal, drawing from the work of Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya. At the end of the lecture, Todd will discuss an opportunity to visit the Kathmandu valley in early 2017, to study the tradition and practices of Ayurveda in Nepal.

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FREE LECTURE: Food As Medicine

Twelve culinary herbs you can’t live without
Mar 15, 6pm PST

In this evening presentation, veteran practitioner Todd Caldecott provides a detailed review of 12 important culinary herbs that everyone should know. During this lecture, Todd will provide a detailed review of their nutritional and phytochemical properties, as well as their culinary and medicinal uses, including how to cook with them, what foods they go best with, and how to prepare them as a medicine. In clinical practice since 1995, Todd Caldecott is author of the book Food As Medicine: The Theory and Practice of Food (2009), and is Director of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine.

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