Food As Medicine


Next semester begins Oct 13, 2017!

The Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine (DSBM) is now accepting new students to the Food As Medicine online learning program for our fall semester, which begins Friday, October 13, 2017, and continues every Friday until December 15, 2017. Classes run from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Pacific time zone (PTZ). When you register for Inside Ayurveda, you get full access for two whole years!

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Registered students

If you are a registered student, please click here to access the video and audio files for the Food As Medicine program. To access this page, please make sure you have your login credentials.

Some praise from readers of the book

Food As Medicine is an overdue antidote to food fads and popular diets. Each section contains useful details that flow into an interesting, integrated volume, including enticing recipes. Moderate and sensible, Todd delivers a well researched book that deserves a place in the library of everyone who cares about dietary medicine
– Deborah Brandt, RN, RH(AHG)

Todd Caldecott writes in an accessible manner easily understood by people without backgrounds in nutrition or Ayurveda but includes information that is useful for an experienced practitioner. The book is well-referenced with nearly 300 footnotes but is in no way intimidating. I highly recommend it.
– Karen Vaughn, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, RH(AHG)

This is the most comprehensive and sane book about diet that I have come across so far, synthesizing a great deal of information from a global spectrum of healing traditions. I am grateful to have it in my library, and I am certain that it will be of service to many health conscious people who are confused about how to eat properly.
-Lesley Ambika Gibbs, Yoga Teacher